Perf Key AWS Services

The AWS service that is essential to Performance Efficiency is Amazon CloudWatch, which monitors your resources and systems, providing visibility into your overall performance and operational health. The following services and features support the four areas in performance efficiency:

  • Selection

    • Compute: Auto Scaling is key to ensuring that you have enough instances to meet demand and maintain responsiveness.
    • Storage: Amazon EBS provides a wide range of storage options (such as SSD and provisioned input/output operations per second (PIOPS)) that allow you to optimize for your use case. Amazon S3 provides serverless content delivery, and Amazon S3 transfer acceleration enables fast, easy, and secure transfers of filesover long distances.
    • Database: Amazon RDS provides a wide range of database features (such as PIOPS and read replicas) that allow you to optimize for your use case. Amazon DynamoDB provides single-digit millisecond latency at any scale.
    • Network: Amazon Route 53 provides latency-based routing. Amazon VPC endpoints and AWS Direct Connect can reduce network distance or jitter.
  • Review: The AWS Blog and the What’s New section on the AWS website are resources for learning about newly launched features and services.

  • Monitoring: Amazon CloudWatch provides metrics, alarms, and notifications that you can integrate with your existing monitoring solution, and that you can use with AWS Lambda to trigger actions.

  • Tradeoffs: Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon CloudFront, and AWS Snowball are services that allow you to improve performance. Read replicas in Amazon RDS can allow you to scale read-heavy workloads.