Trade Offs

💎 Performance Efficiency Best Practices - Tradeoffs

When you architect solutions, think about tradeoffs so you can select an optimal approach. Depending on your situation you could trade consistency, durability, and space versus time or latency to deliver higher performance.

Using AWS, you can go global in minutes and deploy resources in multiple locations across the globe to be closer to your end users. You can also dynamically add read-only replicas to information stores such as database systems to reduce the load on the primary database. AWS also offers caching solutions such as Amazon ElastiCache, which provides an in-memory data store or cache, and Amazon CloudFront, which caches copies of your static content closer to end users. Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) provides a read-through/write-through distributed caching tier infront of Amazon DynamoDB, supporting the same API, but providing sub-millisecond latency for entities that are in the cache.

💎 Performance Efficiency Questions - Tradeoffs

PERF 8: How do you use tradeoffs to improve performance?

When architecting solutions, actively considering tradeoffs enables you to select an optimal approach. Often you can improve performance by trading consistency, durability, and space for time and latency.

Tradeoffs can increase the complexity of your architecture and require load testing to ensure that a measurable benefit is obtained.