💎 Performance Efficiency Best Practices - Monitoring

After you have implemented your architecture you will need to monitor its performance so that you can remediate any issues before your customers are aware. Monitoring metrics should be used to raise alarms when thresholds are breached. The alarm can trigger automated action to work around any badly performing components.

Amazon CloudWatch provides the ability to monitor and send notification alarms. You can use automation to work around performance issues by triggering actions through Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS), and AWS Lambda.

💎 Performance Efficiency Questions - Monitoring

PERF 7: How do you monitor your resources to ensure they are performing as expected?

System performance can degrade over time. Monitor system performance to identify this degradation and remediate internal or external factors, such as the operating system or application load.

Ensuring that you do not see too many false positives, or are overwhelmed with data, is key to having an effective monitoring solution. Automated triggers avoid human error and can reduce the time to fix problems. Plan for game days where you can conduct simulations in the production environment to test your alarm solution and ensure that it correctly recognizes issues.