Create API method

Step 1: Go to AWS API Gateway console

Step 2: Open the WildRydes API and, from the Resources page, select the /ride resource.

Step 3: Using the Actions dropdown menu in the Resources pane, select Create Method.

Step 4: Configure the new method as a GET and confirm the settings with the small checkmark button next to the dropdown.

Step 5: In the method integration settings screen, select Lambda Function as the Integration Type, check the Use Lambda Proxy Integration checkbox, then select your Lambda region and use ListUnicornRides as the function name.

Careful: NOT ListUnicornAuthorizer


Step 6: Click Save and confirm the new permissions on the Lambda function by clicking Ok in the modal window.

Step 7: In the Method Execution screen, open the Method Request.

Step 8: Click on the pencil icon next to the Authorization settings to change the value and select the ListUnicornAuthorizer from the dropdown.


Step 9: Click the checkmark icon next to the dropdown to save your changes.

Step 10: Using the Actions dropdown in the Resources pane, select Deploy API.

Step 11: In the deployment modal window, select the prod stage from the Deployment stage dropdown and then click Deploy.