Update application

Steps summary:

  1. Update the /js/config.js file in your website deployment to include the invoke URL of the stage you just created.
  2. You should copy the invoke URL directly from the top of the stage editor page on the Amazon API Gateway console and paste it into the _config.api.invokeUrl key of your sites /js/config.js file.
  3. Make sure when you update the config file it still contains the updates you made in the previous module for your Cognito user pool.

Step-by-step directions:

Step 1: On your Cloud9 development environment, open js/config.js

Step 2: Update the invokeUrl setting under the api key in the config.js file

//--> js/config.js
window._config = {
    cognito: {
        userPoolId: 'USER_POOL_ID', // e.g. us-east-2_uXboG5pAb
        userPoolClientId: 'APP_CLIENT_ID', // e.g. 25ddkmj4v6hfsfvruhpfi7n4hv
        region: 'REGION_CODE' // e.g. us-east-2
    api: {
    invokeUrl: 'YOUR_INVOKE_API'

Step 3: Commit changes to your repository