In this module, you will use API Gateway to expose the Lambda function you built in the previous module as a RESTFul API.

  • This API will be accessible on the public internet.
  • It will be secured using AWS Cognito user pool you created in the Module User Management.
  • Using this configuration you will then return your statically hosted website into a dynamic web application by adding client-side Javascript that makes AJAX calls to the exposed APIs.



The diagram above shows how the API Gateway component you will build in this module integrates with the existing components you built previously

  • The grayed out items are pieces you have already implemented in previous steps.

The static website you deployed in the first module already has a page configured to interact with the API you will build in this module.

  • After authenticating using the /signin.html page, your users will be able to select their pickup location by clicking a point on the map and then requesting a ride by choosing the “Request Unicorn” button in the upper right corner.

This module will focus on the steps required to build the cloud components of the API, but if you’re interested in how the browser code works that calls this API, you can inspect the ride.js file of the website.