Implementing Validation

For this module, you will test the function that you built using AWS Lambda console.

In the next module, you will add a REST API with API Gateway so you can invoke your function from the browser-based application that you deployed in the first module.

Step 1: From the main edit screen for your function, select Configure test events from the Select a test event … dropdown backend

Step 2: Keep Create new test event selected

Step 3: Enter TestRequestEvent in the Event name field backend

Step 4: Copy and Paste the following test event into the editor


Step 5: Click Create backend

Step 6: On the main function edit screen, click Test with TestRequestEvent in the dropdown backend

Step 7: Scroll to the top of the page and expand the Details section of the Execution result section

Step 8: Verify that the execution succeeded and that function result looks like the following backend

👏 👏 👏 Congrats! You have finished Module 3