Attach policy

Next, you need to add permissions to the role so that it can access your DynamoDB table

Step 1: On the IAM console, on the role pages, type WildRydeLambda into the filter box on the Roles page and choose the role you just created. backend

Step 2: On the Permission tab, choose the Add inline policy link in the lower right corner to create a new inline policy backend

Step 3: Select Choose a service

Step 4: Type DynamoDB into the search box labeled Find a service and select DynamoDB when it appears backend

Step 5: Choose Select actions

Step 6: Type PutItem into the search box labeled Filter actions and check the box next to PutItem when it appears backend

Step 7: Select the Resources section

Step 8: With the Specific option selected, choose the Add ARN link in the table section

Step 9: Paste the ARN of the table you created in the previous section in the Specify ARN for table field, and choose Add backend

Step 10: Choose Review Policy

Step 11: Enter DynamoDBWriteAccess for the policy name and choose Create policy backend