Create Database - DynamoDB

Use the AWS DynamoDB console to create a new DynamoDB table.

  • Call your table Rides and give it a partition key called RideId with type String.
  • The table name and partition key are case sensitive.
  • Make sure you use the exact IDs provided.
  • Use the defaults for all other things.
  • After you have created the table, note the ARN for use in the next steps.

Step 1: Go to AWS DynamoDB console backend

Step 2: Choose Create Table

Step 3: Enter Rides for the Table name.

Note: This field is case sensitive

Step 4: Enter RideId for the Partition Key and select String for they key type

Note: This field is case sensitive

Step 5: Check the Use Default Settings box.

Step 6: Choose Create backend

Step 7: Scroll down on the righ side, note the Table’s Amazon Resource Name ARN backend