Setup repository

Note: We assume that you already have had a git repository, unless you have one, create a repository with GitHub or AWS CodeCommit

Step 1: Go to AWS Cloud9 IDE

Step 2: Make sure you are at the root folder. Create a folder for storing static files.

mkdir wildrydes-site/ && cd wildrydes-site

Step 3: Download the static files from S3 bucket

In this workshop, we have created static files for easy-to-use. You can download it from S3 bucket

aws s3 cp s3://wildrydes-us-east-1/WebApplication/1_StaticWebHosting/website ./ --recursive

Step 4: Push code to your repository

git config --global "USERNAME"
git config --global user.mail EMAIL
git init
git remote add origin YOUR_REPOSITORY_LINK
git add .
git commit -m "First-commit"
git push origin master