Implementation Validation

The AWS Amplify Console will rebuild and redeploy the app when it detects changes to the connected repository. Make a change to the main page to test out this process.

Step 1: Go to AWS Cloud9 Environment

Step 2: Open index.html

Step 3: Modify the title

Replace this line

<title>Wild Rydes</title>


<title>Wild Rydes - Rydes of the Future!</title>

Step 4: Save the file

Step 5: Commit again to repository

Amplify Console will begin to build the site again soon after it notices the update to the repository. It will happen pretty quickly! Head back to the Amplify Console console page to watch the process.

Step 6: Once completed, re-open the Wild Rydes site and notice the title change. 01-amplify

👏 👏 👏 Congrats! You have finished Module 1