Deploy with AWS Amplify

Next you’ll use the AWS Amplify Console to deploy the website you’ve just commited to git.

The Amplify Console takes care of the work of setting up a place to store your static web application code and provides a number of helpful capabilities to simplify both the lifecycle of that application as well as enable best practices.

Step 1: Go to AWS Amplify console 01-amplify

Step 2: Click Get Started under Deploy with Amplify console

Step 3: Select Repository service provider used today and select Next

If you use Github, you will need to authorize AWS Amplify to your account


Step 4: From the dropdown, select Repository and Branch created today 01-amplify

Step 5: On the Configure build settings page leave all the defaults and select Next 01-amplify

Step 6: On the Review page select Save and deploy

Step 7: Once completed, click on the site image to launch your Wild Rydes site. 01-amplify