cdk deploy

Bootstrapping an environment

The first time you deploy an AWS CDK app into an environment (account/region), you’ll need to install a “bootstrap stack”.
This stack includes resources that are needed for the toolkit’s operation. For example, the stack includes an S3 bucket that is used to store templates and assets during the deployment process.

You can use the cdk bootstrap command to install the bootstrap stack into an environment:

cdk bootstrap

Then output from command look like:

⏳ Bootstrapping environment aws://************/ap-southeast-1...
CDKToolkit: creating CloudFormation changeset...

Let’s deploy

Use cdk deploy to deploy a CDK app:

cdk deploy sls-app

The CloudFormation console

CDK apps are deployed through AWS CloudFormation. Each CDK stack maps 1:1 with CloudFormation stack.

This means that you can use the AWS CloudFormation console in order to manage your stacks.

Let’s take a look at the AWS CloudFormation console .

You will likely see something like this (if you don’t, make sure you are in the correct region): deploy