Initialize project

AWS SAM provides you with a command line tool, the AWS SAM CLI, that makes it easy for you to create and manage serverless applications. It particularly makes easy the scaffolding of a new project, as it creates the initial skeleton of a hello world application, so you can use it as a baseline and continue building your project from there.

Run the following command to scaffold a new project:

cd ~/environment
sam init

It will prompt for project configuration parameters.

  1. Type 1 to select AWS Quick Start Templates
  2. Choose python3.7 for runtime
  3. Leave the default sam-app for project name
  4. Type 1 again to select Hello World Example template.

This command supports cookiecutter templates, so you could write your own custom scaffolding templates and specify them using the location flag, For example: sam init –location git+ssh://[email protected]/aws-samples/cookiecutter-aws-sam-python.git.

Init sam app

If you are interested in learning more about initializing SAM projects, you can find the full reference for the sam init command in the SAM CLI reference .