Modify your app

Open Cloud9 console

From your Cloud9 environment open the index.html file in the root directory of wildrydes-site. index.html

Modify the title

 <title>Wild Rydes</title>

So that it says:

 <title>Wild Rydes - Rydes of the Future!</title>

Save the file.


Commit again to your git repository the changes using below commands:

cd ~/environment/wildrydes-site/
git add index.html
git commit -m "Update title"
git push

Update source


Waiting for a moment, Amplify will send you the email to notice that your app will be updated with new source from your repository. Email notification

Open your app

Nice, your app is updated after some minutes for building, deploying and verifying.
Open your app with URL from Amplify. verify updated

And your app title is updated with new title. New title

Verify your s3 bucket.

Open s3 console
Select your bucket and verify all codes from CodeCommit is stored in s3 by Amplify pipeline. s3


You have successfully automate deployments with Amplify pipeline 🚀🚀🚀