Direct Connect (DX)

  • Provides a dedicated, private network connection of either 1 or 10 Gbps.

  • Designed for businesses with a long-term need for consistently high throughput between private network connections (not ideal for one-time jobs, such as for migrating large data sources to AWS).

  • Enables improved application performance due to the predictability of your private network connection.

  • Can reduce data transfer costs compared to VPN solutions.

  • Use cases:

    • Hybrid cloud architectures

    • Continually transferring large data sets

    • A need for extremely accurate network performance predictability

    • Security and compliance

Extending your on-premise network to AWS using DX

VGW with DX

As with VPN Connections, DX connection also connect thru your VPC’s VGS endpoints, providing default failover with 2 endpoints in each VGW.

DX Partners

To provide DX to your business, AWS has some partners in the world. You will connect to the DX Partner to connect AWS Cloud.

AWS DX Resiliency for Critical Workloads