AWS Cloud Deployment Options

AWS Systems Manager

  • Helps you automatically collect software inventory, apply OS patches, create system images, and configure Windows and Linux operating systems

  • Functions across all of your Windows and Linux workloads

  • Runs in Amazon EC2 or on premises

  • Available through the Amazon EC2 console

  • Offers the following:

    • Run Command: Remotely and securely manage the configuration of your managed instances at scale. Perform on-demand changes like updating applications or running Linux shell scripts and Windows PowerShell commands on a target set of dozens or hundreds of instances.
    • Patch Manager: Automate the process of patching your managed instances. Can scan instances for missing patches and apply them individually or to large groups of instances sharing a tag.
    • Maintenance Windows: Set up recurring schedules for managed instances to execute administrative tasks like installing patches and updates
    • State Manager: Automates the process of keeping your managed instances in a defined state. Ensures that your instances are bootstrapped with specific software at startup, joined to a Windows domain (if applicable), or patched with specific software updates.

AWS OpsWorks

  • Configuration management service based on Chef or Puppet

  • Automated provisioning, orchestration, and visualization, based on your pre-configured templates

  • Allows you to run scripts on these triggers:

    • Setup: Occurs on a new instance after it successfully boots

    • Configure: Occurs on all of the stack’s instances when an instance enters or leaves the online state

    • Deploy: Occurs when you deploy an app

    • Undeploy: Occurs when you delete an app

    • Shutdown: Occurs when you stop an instance

AWS OpsWorks & CloudFormation

  • Combine the two deployment options by using CloudFormation to build infrastructure and OpsWorks to deploy the application layer (as seen below).

  • You can create OpsWorks stacks with CloudFormation.

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